The Land Of Ancient Civilisations


Eastern Turkey a home to history, myths and legends.

So why not the time to explore this wonderful land with Private Tours Turkey. In the northeast you can visit stunning natural landscape that will take your breath in wonder, ancient monuments can be found all around Erzurum where history from the Selcuk, Mongols and Ottoman Eras can be found. In the south-east of Turkey, you will find ancient towns that have grown with the time, and icons that have appeared in both the Christian Bible and the Islamic Quran. Harran a town described in the bible where the Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham lived. The Far East of Turkey offers a unique history that can only be found here, ancient churches with no town, mountainside statues of ancient deities where phenomenal sunset and sunrises are found, with visitors spending time here to take in the first or last light of the day at Mount Nemrut. Unconfirmed but widely accepted is the final resting place of Noah’s Ark at Mount Ararat found standing tall and proud over east Turkey. Why not let us here at Private Tours Turkey, plan day tours and package holidays that will be unforgettable and wanting to make you return again soon

If you want to see the most exciting places of Turkey, we can arrange it for you. You can fly from Istanbul and we will pick you up in East Turkey. And from there we can visit: Nemrut Mountain, Sanli Urfa, Gobeklitepe, Harran, Gaziantep. You can fly back from Gaziantep. We drive you private with Certified guides.


Day 1. Arrive in Istanbul and connected flight to Kayseri or Nevsehir according to your International flight.You will be met with your name at Cappadocia Area and transfer to Cappadocia Cave Hotel Overnight BB.
Day 2. Baloon ride, Drive to visit Soganlı Valley and return to your hotel breakfast and visit Kaymaklı or Derinkuyu Underground City, Urgup,Avanos and Panaroma stops.Goreme openair museum,Derbent Valey,Pashabag Fairy chineys, and drive to Kahta. Overnight.BB
Day 3. Early morning departure around 2Am may be later depended on sun rise to enjoy the sun rise on top of the Nemrut Mt. Arrive Nemrut Mt. 2200mt High King Commenega was buried under the Mt. You will enjoy visiting the top of the Mt has got clossal Stautes of God,s and Kings ,and enjoy the graeat panaroma of the Mesopotamia and its Euphrates and ATATURK Dam as well as Tigris. Drive to Mt.Nemrut and walk up to the hill on the steps visit the Great Man Made mt Thomb built on top of the King Thomb and decorated with clossal Statues of God,s and King,s and enjoy the graet Panaroma of The Central Mesopotamia and its rivers and its landscape drive to visit Roman Cendere Bridge and Ancient city Karakus and drive to Sanlıurfa.Overnight BB
Day 4. Breakfast at your hotel and drive to visit Gobeklitepe 12.000 Years old, the oldest Temple of the World in the Unesco World Heritage List and then Drive to visit Ancient City Harran and its oldest University Buildings and its reamins of the city walls also visit The conic shape 3000 years old sun dried mud bricks houses and drive to City centre Sanlıurfa The Ancient Venesa, Balıklı Gol and Mosaic and Arch. museums drive to Gaziantep Overnigt BB
Day 5. Your first stop on the tour is to view and learn about the Zeugma Antique site, from here many beautiful mosaics were excavated and moved to Gaziantep’s Zeugma Mosaics Museum. After viewing what remains out of the water you will visit the Bald Ibis Sanctuary. This sanctuary offers home and protection for this species of Ibis which had dwindled, however thanks to the work in building the aviaries and birdhouses the number have risen to have over 100 breeding pairs. From watching these ancient birds to the town of Halfeti, partially submerged it offers a fantastic view. Halfeti is the main harbour for the lake that was created by the dam. The boat tour in Halfeti has become more popular as the number of tourists visiting the partially submerged old Halfeti has increased as well.
A traditional lunch will be served at approximately 13:00. Following lunch, you will depart for Rumkale where you will take a traditional boat to the ancient castle city of Hromla which now stands surrounded by water from the man-made lake after the construction. This position was strategically important when first bring built by the Assyrians. The city is considered a sacred play due to St. John the Apostle is supposed to have made copies of the new testament and hidden them in the castle walls. Here you can find the church of the Saint Nerse, it is said he served as the patriarch for the Armenia people in the 12th century. The ruins are said to make a shiver go down your back with how stunning the ruins are. Day 6. Breakfast and visit The World biggest Zeugma Mosaic Museum and Arch.Museum ,Antep Castle and Copper Bazaar and Evening flight to Istanbul.


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